Backyard Guidance

I know how it feels to want to learn the plants around you but not know where to begin.  I would love to be a guide for you in this journey of getting to know and use the green beings you cohabitate with.  

This is not a garden design consultation-- we'll be focusing on what is already growing.

A personalized site visit includes:

  • Walking the site and discussing the plants that we find
  • A complete list of plants discussed and general categories of common uses
  • Reference materials and recipes
  • Optional customized botanical journal with map of plants, monographs & photos of 15 individual plants + space and prompts to document your own discoveries of these plants. PDF & paper copies included.  

$60 per hour on site*

Botanical journal- $55* includes 15 plants, $2.50 per additional plant

*Please contact me if you need more flexibility with money. I strive to live by the motto of my friends at Prayer Farm in Ashland: "Take what you need and a little bit less, give what you can and a little bit more."