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We’ll spend the day exploring in the Greensprings exploring and getting to know St John’s wort, yarrow, Lomatium dissectum and other plant friends. We’ll have materials to make tinctures and/or infused oil in the field.

  • Date: 7/15/2023 10:00 AM - 7/15/2023 04:00 PM
  • Location Green Springs Highway 66, Ashland, OR, USA (Map)
  • More Info: Vitalist Botanicals


Payment is by donation.
I strive to live by the motto of my friends at Prayer Farm: "Take what you need and a little bit less, give what you can a little bit more."  If the payment options above are beyond your means and you have a strong desire to participate, please email or call me and we can work out something that works for both of us. 

In July, we'll be exploring and getting to know St. John's/St. Joan's Wort and Yarrow.  We'll also spend time getting to know other plants in this place to get to know the broader community that St. John's and Yarrow are a part of.

We'll be 

  • meeting the plants
  • getting to know them energetically and spiritually
  • learning about their medicine 
  • exploring their historical relevance and folklore
  • learning about their use as dye/ink plant
  • making tincture from them
  • making oil and/or salve from them

This will be in the Greensprings outside of Ashland.